Mosquitoes, Anyone?

    This cool spring must represent the latest in many years for the emergence of mosquitoes and blackflies. Usually, they’re out in force by Memorial Day weekend, but they’ve just begun to show.      Mosquitoes are making their presence known, and by my estimation, this ought to be one exceptional June for the pesky little critters.…
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Good Fishing

    Reports I’m getting tell me this summer has the makings of a great summer for fishing. Six friends of mine just returned from a day trip in the Boundary Waters and caught many, many walleyes. They kept only their limits, of course, and smaller fish at that. But they caught lots, and some of…
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The Old Man And The River

Robert Spurlock of Duluth fishes from shore along the St. Louis River from the Spirit Lake Marina last week. The Bong Bridge is in the background. I wrote a story about Spurlock for Sunday’s News Tribune (June 1). He fishes from the same spot every morning, unless it’s rainy or too windy. He has caught…
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Long Winter

    If you think we had a cold winter and a reluctant spring, you might feel better knowing this: I received an e-mail from a friend who lives with his family on a remote arm of Great Slave Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The e-mail came today. He checked the ice depth yesterday to make…
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Multiple Choice

This photo was taken Tuesday morning: (a) on Wisconsin’s Brule River (b) on the Poplar River near Lutsen (c) on the Nenana Flats in Alaska (d) on Amity Creek in east Duluth Correct answer: Overlooking Amity Creek along Seven Bridges Road in east Duluth. Nice place to live, eh?