English Pointer Finds Inclement April Difficult

An English pointer named Molly copes with an unseasonably cold and nasty April.


This February-in-April weather is starting to get to a lot of us. My friend Holly sent along a photo of her English pointer. Holly says her pointer is also suffering because of the reluctance  of winter to cease and desist. English pointers, while excellent hunting dogs, have skin the thickness of parchment paper. You rarely see one in an Iditarod dogsled team.

“My 12-year-old Molly dog hates the cold, and she is starting to look depressed,” Holly wroet.

“Although it has been pointed out that perhaps I am projecting my feelings onto her.”

I looked at the photo of Molly that accompanied Holly’s note. I responded that I thought Molly seemed to have an air of contentment about her. Holly wasn’t buying it.

“It’s in the eyes,” Holly said.

She may be right.