Another Minnesota Hunter Takes Buck In Velvet

Kaden Matteen of Esko displays the eight-point buck he took Nov. 11. The buck’s antlers were still in velvet. Kaden Matteen photo

After word of Mark Monacelli’s 10-point buck in velvet last week (Duluth News Tribune, Sunday, Nov. 12) comes word that Kaden Matteen of Esko shot an eight-point buck on Nov. 11, that was also in full velvet. Matteen, 20, was hunting with his dad and brothers at a camp near Alborn. The buck weighed 190 pounds.

Bucks’ antlers are normally in velvet during summer months, but the antlers harden as fall approaches. The anomaly that occurs when antlers remain in velvet is caused by a hormonal aberration in a buck affecting its testosterone level, biologists say.