Minnesota Moose Population Remains Low, But Relatively Steady

Minnesota’s moose population remained relatively steady at an estimated 3,710, according to aerial surveys by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The 2017 aerial moose survey estimate is statistically unchanged from last year’s estimate of 4,020, according to the agency. Statistically, the DNR is 90 percent certain that the population estimate is between 3,010 and 4,710 moose, the agency said.

“At this point, results do not indicate that moose are recovering in Northeastern Minnesota,” Glenn DelGiudice, DNR moose project leader, said in a statement. “While it is encouraging to see that the decline in the population since 2012 has not been as steep, the apparent stability does not allow us to forecast the direction of the population’s trajectory into the future.”

Minnesota’s moose population estimate is often compared to 2006, because the state’s highest moose population estimate of 8,840 occurred that year. Currently, Northeastern Minnesota’s moose population is estimated to be 58 percent lower than in 2006.