Some Lakes To Open Oct. 14 For Whitefish-Tullibee Netting

Recreational netting for whitefish-tullibee will open on Oct. 14 on designated lakes, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. These lakes, known as Schedule II lakes, offer recreational netting on the following schedule:

  • Schedule II A lakes open Oct. 14 and close Dec. 4.
  • Schedule II B lakes open Nov. 4 and close Dec. 11.
  • Schedule II C lakes open Nov. 11 and close Dec. 11.

Schedule I lakes, which are more susceptible to factors that affect water temperatures, will be opened and closed on a 48-hour notice posted at lake accesses and the DNR website.

A complete list of all Schedule I and II lakes, status of the seasonal openings and closures, as well as detailed netting regulations are available online at

About 700 people obtain permits to net for whitefish-tullibee each year, DNR officials say.