Red Lake Anglers Get An Extra Walleye Starting Wednesday

t051014 --- Clint Austin --- austinOPENER0511c10 --- A walleye splashes at the surface at the water while it is being landed on Cut Foot Sioux Lake north of Deer River during the Minnesota fishing opener Saturday morning. (Clint Austin /
Anglers on Upper Red Lake in northwestern Minnesota will be allowed to keep an additional walleye in their daily bag limit starting Wednesday, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials said.

The current three-fish bag limit, in place last winter and through the 2016 fishing opener, will be increased to four fish. The existing size regulation allowing one walleye longer than 17 inches in the daily bag will remain in effect.

“Mid-season adjustments to walleye size limits or bag limits have been common practice for managing the Upper Red Lake walleye fishery, and anglers are accustomed to them,” said Gary Barnard, Bemidji area fisheries supervisor with the DNR.

High catch rates the first few weeks after opener are fairly predictable, as are declining catch rates as the season progresses. Since fishing pressure declines along with the catch rate, more harvest opportunity can be offered later in the season with minimal effect on total walleye harvest.