County-by-county Totals Out For Wisconsin Deer Season

Hunters took 201,812 deer during Wisconsin’s nine-day gun deer season, which ended Nov. 29. That’s up just more than 1 percent from the 199,583 taken in 2014, according to preliminary harvest figures compiled by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Here’s how the harvest compared to last year’s in several Northwestern Wisconsin counties:

Douglas — 1,625 this year, 1,523 last year, up 6.7 percent

Bayfield — 1,610 this year, 1,502 last year, up 7.2 percent

Ashland — 496 this year, 613 last year, down 19 percent

Iron — 226 this year, 206 last year, up 9.7 percent

Sawyer — 1,167 this year, 1,105 last year, up 5.6 percent

Washburn — 2,589 this year, 1,477 last year, up 75 percent


More than 612,000 deer hunters took part in the hunt compared to more than 608,000 last year.

State wildlife officials had predicted the harvest would be up somewhat this fall, although the deer herd is still rebounding from a severe winter in 2013-14 and what some observers say were seasons in which antlerless deer harvests were too liberal.


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  1. Rae Ann Clark

    I have a deep feeling that with the new registration system that the DNR has in place with the electronic/phone or internet registration that there would be an increase in ILLEGAL deer kills, not due to more bucks available but due to illegal kills of does. Currently the DNR has no double check in place… Tell me How can a deer kill in Sawyer county WI go up 75 % in one year…even with permits I can tell you from speaking to hunters out there… It was illegal poaching…. shooting does and registering as bucks. The current system of registration is an epic FAIL… I am a deer hunter,

  2. Jager Oster

    Ya and the baiting for wild game is a chance of roulette to harvest an animal that is not contaminated from hoof and moth disease or someones idea of domesticated flavor.
    Baiting for wild game is the same as claiming ownership.

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