Images Of High Summer In The North

A great blue heron flies along the shoreline of Fish Lake north of Duluth on Wednesday evening. (Sam Cook photo)

This time of year is what a friend of mine calls “high summer.” We’ve reached the high point of summer’s fullness. Fish are chunky and full of feed. Deer are wearing their deep red. Baby birds are growing stronger. The roadsides are a blur of daisies, lupine, orange hawkweed and buttercups. Soon: Fireweed.

Food is plentiful. Life is good. The light is rich and full.

A few images from recent days seem to reflect this mood of high summer. I saw the great blue heron, above, walking along a shoreline of cattails Wednesday evening while I was doing a fishing story on Fish Lake. When he took flight, I grabbed a few shots of him. Such a graceful creature.

Here are a few more photos that seem to capture the essence of high summer in the North.

Sarah Stirewalt took this photo of Minnesota’s state flower, the showy lady slipper, while she was biking on the Munger Trail in Duluth this week. (Sarah Stirewalt photo)
Loon chicks are growing fast now. Here’s a loon family riding the waves of Pelican Lake near Orr on Thursday. (Sam Cook photo)
Nothing says summer like a beefy largemouth bass draped in aquatic vegetation and wearing a saucy swim jig in its lip. This largemouth bass was caught by Butch Furtman of Orr on Pelican Lake on Thursday afternoon. (Sam Cook photo)