MDHA Issues Final Report On 2014 Emergency Deer Feeding

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has prepared a final report on this past winter’s emergency deer feeding effort. For the complete report, go to the MDHA website at

Here are some highlights from that summary:

  • The program was paid for by the DNR through an account funded by a surcharge of 50 cents per deer license. The fund was initiated by the Minnesota Legislature in 1996.
  • A total of 1,056,000 pounds of feed, or 528 tons, was purchased and distributed across more than 12,000 square miles during the six-week initiative. A total of 969 individuals obtained feed through the program. These volunteers put feed out at 1,123 documented sites across the 13 DNR-approved Deer Permit Areas in Northeastern Minnesota.
  • A total of $200,225 was spent on feed procurement and shipping/handling. Under the terms of the grant, MDHA paid the feed procurement expenses as they were incurred, and subsequently requested reimbursement from the DNR. DNR reimbursed MDHA for appropriate expenses from the “Emergency Winter Deer Feeding/Wild Cervid Health” account.
  • A minimum of 72 volunteers handed out feed on a weekly basis at the eight distribution points for a total of 288 volunteer hours per week and 1,728 total volunteer hours for the six-week period. A total of 885 hours of MDHA staff time was used to support the feeding program. The cost of this staff time was $32,990.