Short Walk Yields Shed Antler

Ingrid Lund, 4, of rural Carlton County, found this shed antler while she was out for a walk with her dad, Al Lund, last Thursday night near their home. (Al Lund photo)

Al Lund and his 4-year-old daughter, Ingrid, went for a little walk in the woods last Thursday evening before bedtime. The Lunds live in Kalevala Township in Carlton County. During the walk, they were lucky enough to find a shed antler left behind by a white-tailed deer. It’s the first shed antler they had ever found, Lund said.

“We found this antler 60 feet away from our house, behind one of the girls’ forts in a stand of cedars,” Lund said. “While walking around with my Sunday morning coffee, I found the other half about 100 feet away from the first. It is incredible how smart and sneaky these deer are. Neither my wife, myself nor our girls have ever seen this (or any) buck in our yard in the seven years we’ve lived here. Pretty cool.”

Yep. Pretty cool.