Photographer Captures Drumming Ruffed Grouse On North Shore

A male ruffed grouse drums on his drumming log in Cascade River State Park on Minnesota’s North Shore. (Paul Sundberg photo)

Grand Marais professional photographer Paul Sundberg went back to visit an old friend of his recently — a ruffed grouse nicknamed “Cascade Rusty.” The bird drums on a moss-covered log in the park to attract females this time of year.

“Two of the many sounds of spring that I eagerly await are the frog choruses and the drumming of the male ruffed grouse,” Sundberg wrote.

Below is another photo that Sundberg made of the grouse. For more of Sundberg’s photography of this grouse, go to his website, Here’s the link. Look for the “Photo of the Week” feature.

A male ruffed grouse displays on its drumming log. (Paul Sundberg photo)