Sunflower Seeds Prove Irresistible To Black Bear In Duluth

A black bear helps itself to sunflower seeds from a feeder on Wanda Lundeen’s deck in the Woodland neighborhood. (Wanda Lundeen photo)

The bears are emerging from their winter sleep, and they’re hungry, as Wanda Lundeen of Duluth can attest. The bear shown above discovered the bird feeders hanging over Lundeen’s deck in the Woodland neighborhood and apparently found them tasty. Lundeen said the bear “gobbled up all the chickadees’ sunflower seeds.” It’s a common occurrence, of course. Bears that come across birdfeeders aren’t likely to ignore them. The bruins often destroy the feeder in the process. Here’s one more photo from Lundeen:

The bear on Wanda Lundeen’s deck seems to have found more than just sunflower seeds to eat recently. (Wanda Lundeen photo)