North Shore Streams Opening Up

The Knife River, as seen from the Minnesota Highway 61 Expressway, was opening up on Wednesday morning. At the right in this photo is the Knife River fish trap, which was repaired this winter after being damaged by the 2012 flood. (Sam Cook photo)

Several North Shore streams between Duluth and Two Harbors were open on Wednesday morning or at least running atop the ice. The Knife River, shown above had created a channel and was running free in most places and over the ice in some spots.

The French River also was mostly open in its lower reaches, rushing down the hill near the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offices at French River. The river disappeared under the ice of Lake Superior at its mouth.

The Talmadge River also was opening up, and in Duluth, the Lester River was flowing over the falls just below Superior Street. Yet just offshore at the mouth of the Lester River, at least one angler was ice-fishing on Lake Superior this morning.

The French River flows beneath the Scenic Highway 61 bridge on Wednesday morning. (Sam Cook photo)
The Lester River rushes over a set of falls just below Superior Street on Wednesday morning. (Sam Cook photo)