More Areas Added For Minnesota Deer Feeding Effort

Two more deer permit areas have been added to the list of areas eligible for deer feeding in coming weeks. Permit area 199, the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa reservation, was added effective today. Band and DNR officials had been conferring to determine whether the reservation should be included in the feeding zone.

The Fond du Lac Reservation Business Committee approved emergency deer feeding in area 199 with the provision that distribution of feed and coordination of volunteers for the unit be handled through the band’s Resource Management Division.

“Our staff will be doing some of the feeding on 199, but if nontribal members also want to volunteer to help feed in 199 they are welcome to, provided their efforts are coordinated through our Division,” said Mike Schrage, wildlife biologist for the band.

Also, permit area 176 north of Chisholm and Virginia has been added.

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, which will coordinate the feeding, hopes to receive bids from feed producers any day and perhaps award bids by the end of the week, said Jenny Foley, grant coordinator at MDHA.

“We’re still trying to shoot for feeding next week,” Foley said.

MDHA, with the help of DNR wildlife officials, its members and other individuals, has identified nearly 200 areas where deer are known to be concentrating, Foley said. Individuals on snowmobiles already have begun breaking trails to the areas where deer are concentrated, she said.

The DNR has recommended to MDHA that feeding be done twice a week in areas where deer are gathered, Foley said.





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  1. Tom

    Why isn’t the emergency feeding spreading all the way through the eastern part of the Arrowhead? Like 127, 126, 117, 118, 122, and 180?

    1. Sam Cook

      The DNR approved feeding in permit areas where the deer population was under goal or expected to be under goal by the end of this winter AND where the Winter Severity Index had reached a specific threshold. Those units apparently didn’t meet one of those requirements or the other.

  2. Paul Smith

    Usually I’ve been feeding six deer, but these last few days it has grown to twelve including three fawns.

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