Wolf Season Hearing To Be Held In St. Paul On Tuesday

An informational hearing on Minnesota’s wolf hunting and trapping season will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday at the State Office Building in St. Paul. The hearing will be held in the House Environment and Natural Resources Policy Committee chaired by Rep. David Dill, DFL-Crane Lake.

Dill said the purpose of the meeting is to hear a report by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources after the first two wolf hunting and trapping seasons held in Minnesota. The gray wolf was removed from the federal Endangered Species List in January 2012. The gray wolf had been listed as a “threatened” species until that time.

“I also expect that some people will come to testify who oppose the wolf hunting and trapping season,” Dill said in recent telephone interview. “I’m going to welcome them to the committee.”

Some groups who opposed the wolf hunt said that there was too little opportunity to voice their concerns to legislators after de-listing occurred and before the Legislature set the state’s first hunt. Dill said he disagrees with that view but feels it’s important to welcome their testimony.

“What I think I’ve learned in my 12 years here is that many times (in legislative testimony), you hear the same people say the exact same things,” he said. “But sometimes, someone will say something that nobody has thought about.”

The hearing will not be about a specific bill, Dill said.

“It’s just an informational hearing,” he said.





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  1. Trayce Olsen

    The wolf hunt NEEDS TO STOP–we do not know the amount of damage that has already been done with the murdering of wolves..I can understand the problem of wolves coming on a farm looking for food or they are sick..THEEN and ONLY then do they need to be destroyed..
    Wolves keep the environment on even keel by killing the sick or weak members of a deer or elk or moose or any other damaged animal.
    PLEASE, reconsider this TO BAN THE WOLF HUNT we have destroyed enough of Nature.
    TRAPPING SHOULD BE STOPPED AS IT IS BARBARIC–CRUEL-NOT NECESSARY AND ANY OTHER WORD AGAINST THIS TERRIBLE PRACTICE. Trapping not only kills animals slowly & painfully BUT the traps do not know if its prey or YOU or your pet..
    PLEASE think long and hard–sometimes money should be the secondary and not the main reason for killing our wolves..

    1. Bob Woodbury

      Ms. Olsen – We all understand you are passionate about your beliefs. But you need to be a little less dramatic and a little more factual. First, all capital letters indicate yelling. Why are you yelling at me? What have I done to you that you feel you can be rude toward me? The lawful harvesting of an animal, is not murder. Calm down. You statement about wolves killing only the sick and weak is a myth, proven so many times over. Do a little homework instead of just letting your hormones run rampant. You’ll draw more people to your cause that way. And if you had done so, you would know your last statement is completely false. I challenge you to find the main reason for the wolf hunt.

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