Bobcat Pays A New Year’s Visit

A bobcat carries a mouse or vole in its mouth as it moves near the home of Diane Knaffla of Brimson on New Year’s Day. (Diane Knaffla photo)

Diane Knaffla of Brimson sent along some excellent photos of a bobcat that visited her home near Brimson on New Year’s Day. The bobcat had been there on New Year’s Eve and returned the next day, she said.

Sometimes in winters of deep snow, bobcats approach homes or roadways where the snow is packed down so they can save energy and have a better chance of finding prey.

Thanks for sharing your photos, Diane.

A bobcat pauses to check out Diane Knaffla of Brimson, who took this photo on New Year’s Day. (Diane Knaffla photo)
A bobcat crouches in the yard of Diane Knaffla of Brimson. (Diane Knaffla photo)

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