Lots Of Ways To Embrace Winter In The North

When the temperature hit double figures – above zero – for the first time in a week today, it seemed as if everyone wanted to be out. A friend and I spent two hours on our fat bikes – mountain bikes with oversized tires – riding packed trails through the woods of Duluth.

Snow fell on us for much of the ride and accumulated to about 3 inches in depth, adding to the beauty of the woods. The trees already were heavily flocked with snow from the 30-inch snowstorm last week.

We had a blast riding those bikes. Who would have thought, even 10 years ago, that riding a bike on snow at 10 degrees would emerge as one more way to embrace winter?

We were the only bikers on the trails we rode – at least that we know of. But along the way we encountered lots of other folks enjoying the day in all kinds of ways. We saw several snowmobilers, lots of cross-country skiers, several runners, two runners on snowshoes, several dog walkers and one man skijoring behind his German shorthair.

I would guess most of us were out there for the same reasons. We wanted to get some fresh air, maybe get a workout in or just enjoy the beauty of winter in a northern town.

Sorry. No photos. Too busy pedaling.