Wolf Hunting Closed In NE Minnesota, Still Going In NW Zone

Wolf hunting is now closed in Minnesota’s Northeast Wolf Zone, where 31 wolves have been taken. The zone’s target harvest was 33, and a zone is closed when that target is reached or is expected to be reached in the next day. The zone was closed Sunday.

Wolf hunting continues in Northwest Wolf Zone, where the target harvest is 73. As of Friday, 50 wolves had been taken.

A late hunting and trapping season for wolves will begin Nov. 30 and run through Jan. 31 or until target harvest quotas are reached. Any leftover licenses for the late hunting and trapping season will go on sale at license agents on Wednesday . The number of leftover licenses won’t be known until Monday.

The overall target harvest quota for wolves in Minnesota this fall is 220, down from 400 last year, when 413 wolves were harvested.