Harvest To Date In Duluth Bow Hunt Down About 35 Percent

The number of deer taken in Duluth’s city bow hunt this fall continues to run well behind that of previous years. As of this week, 299 deer had been taken in the hunt, which began Sept. 14 and continues through Dec. 31. In the past five years of the hunt, hunters had taken an average of 449 deer by the same time. This year’s harvest to date is down 35 percent the 2012 harvest, when 460 deer had been taken in the same period.

Hunters have said they’re seeing fewer deer and that the city’s deer have become warier than in previous years. In past years, the total harvest in the hunt has ranged from about 560 to 600 per year.


2 Responses

  1. Jody

    More hoops from hunting association and people don’t want to deal with the issues from them anymore could be a cause also….

  2. Mike

    The Duluth City Hunt allowed more people to hunt this year than any year previous and there were still some who were not able to get in. I’m in the hunt and my experience concurs with what most have been finding–fewer deer. I hunt in one of the larger tracts on the edge of the city and I’ve been seeing few does. More bucks in the last week. Able to watch a wolf carry part of a deer carcass out of the woods on Friday afternoon and eat most of it. It walked gingerly away with a swollen stomach–it looked over served. So there’s one.

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