Minnesota Wolf Hunters Taking Some Wolves

As of Monday night, Minnesota wolf hunters had taken 15 wolves in the Northeast Zone, where the target harvest for the early season is set at 33, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. In the Northwest Zone, hunters have taken 30 wolves, and the target harvest there is 73. The early wolf hunting season runs concurrently with the firearms deer season in areas where rifles are permitted. Zones will be closed to wolf hunting if the target harvest is reached before the end of the season.

A later hunting and trapping season will begin Nov. 30 and will run through January or until the target harvest levels are reached.

The total target harvest for the early and late seasons is 220. Last year, Minnesota hunters and trappers took a total of 413 wolves, but this year’s target harvest was reduced. A DNR wolf population estimate this past winter indicated the state’s wolf population had dropped by about 25 percent from previous estimates.


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