Chickadees On Gun Barrels: Deer Season Approaches

Rod Marklund of Plymouth, Minn., sent along this photo from a previous year’s deer hunt. (Rod Marklund photo)

I received an e-mail from Rod Marklund of Plymouth, Minn., this morning. All it said was, “Deer season starts tomorrow!!!” An attached photo showed a black-capped chickadee perched on the end of a rifle barrel that I’m assuming is Marklund’s. He said the photo was shot near Littlefork, Minn., in the 2010 season.

Marklund’s e-mail seemed to capture all of the anticipation that Minnesota’s firearms hunters are feeling today, with deer season opening tomorrow. Minnesotans are passionate about their deer hunting. The deer hunt, more than any other, seems to bring represent so many good things for hunters: family, old friendships, tradition, a simple dwelling in the woods, solitude, the hope of shooting a nice buck, the acquisition of venison and the chance to step away from the frenetic pace of life for a few days. And maybe have a conversation with a chickadee.


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  1. Rod Marklund

    Hi Sam. I have cherished this photo I was blessed with a few years ago. The Chicadees were flitting near me so I got my camera ready in hopes of getting a relatively close photo when this guy landed on my rifle barrel. This was shot on the Marklund farm where I grew up on the Bigfork River about 14 miles west of Littlefork in Lindford township.

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