Minnesota DNR Lists Top 10 Hunting Violations

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has released a list of the top 10 hunting-related violations in 2012.

Most citations and warnings were written for trespass. According to the DNR, a person may not enter legally posted land or agricultural land for outdoor recreation purposes without permission.

Other common violations include not having a hunting license in possession, or none at all; having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, failure to tag an animal upon harvest and not wearing the required amount of blaze orange.

“Only small percentage of Minnesota hunters run afoul of the law,” explained Ken Soring, DNR Enforcement Division director. “A majority of hunters in our state abide by wildlife rules and regulations.”

Here are the top 10 kinds of violations followed by the number of citations or warnings issued for them in 2012:

1. Trespass, 337

2. License/registration/permit not in possession or displayed, 245

3. No valid license/registration/permit, 239

4. Hunting over bait, 225

5. Transporting uncased/loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, 222

6. No plug in shotgun, 161

7. No blaze orange, 139

8. Taking game in closed season, 126

9. Untagged (deer, fur, traps, nets), 124

10. No federal waterfowl stamp, 122