Fat-tire Bike Allows Grouse Hunter To Get Deeper In The Woods

Hansi Johnson of Thomson carries his fat bike across a stream to reach a grouse trail he wants to hunt. His bicycle, a Cogburn CB4, is designed specifically for hunters with a rack for a shotgun, rifle or bow. (Sam Cook photo)

I was grouse hunting near Duluth yesterday with Hansi Johnson of Thomson. He was riding his new Cogburn CB4 fat bike, a mountain bike with extra-wide tires and a rack to carry his shotgun. Johnson has used the bicycle several times this fall for his hunts. He says it allows him to probe farther into the woods and reach pockets of good cover.

Check Sunday’s News Tribune Outdoors pages for my complete story on Johnson and his bicycle hunting. I’ll include a couple more photos here.

Hansi Johnson rides a trail on his fat bike while ruffed grouse hunting near Duluth on Tuesday. (Sam Cook photo)
Hansi Johnson secures his shotgun to the padded rack that’s attached to his mountain bike, a Cogburn CB4. The bike is designed specifically for hunters. (Sam Cook photo)

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  1. Jerry Arnold

    I noticed your coments on hunting grouse via a motorized bike and would suggest that a better slant on this type of hunting would be to explain how such hunters without the aid of the motorized bike would not be that far back into the woods to shoot off the foundation (breeding stock). A much better approach would be to write a story on why the grouse are not given the same protection as the kings deer and why such is needed for the grouse to achieve numbers suffient to justify a season. Simply put a ban on firearms in aiding hunting with a motorized bike or atv during the grouse season is what is needed to increase the grouse population. Promoting hunting with a motorized vehicle only increase’s the killing off of the breeding stock.. JGA

    1. Sam Cook

      Jerry…The bike is a regular bicycle, powered only by a hunter’s legs. It is not motorized. …Sam Cook

  2. Lardy125

    Those fat tire bikes are sweet, but you pay a healthy price for them – just over $2000 for the model he has, last I checked. Some day…

  3. Dave

    It is neat to see others doing it (hunting by bike). I’ve been doing it for a long time. 20 years ago I got my first Merriam’s Wild Turkey by mountain biking into the Black Hills. I’ve done all kinds of hunting, fishing, even Telemark skiing by bike!

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