DNR Waterfowl Report: Weekend Could Bring More Migrant Ducks

Here’s this week’s Minnesota Department of Natural Resources waterfowl migration report from Steve Cordts, DNR waterfowl specialist:

“The second weekend of duck season was fair across most of the state, with blue-winged teal, wood ducks, and mallards comprising much of the bag. Ring-necked duck numbers improved some from the previous week in the northern half of the state. Hunting pressure declined in most areas from opening weekend. Canada goose numbers continue to be relatively low.

A yellow Lab keeps her eyes on the sky during a Sept. 27 hunt on Big Rice Lake near Virginia. (Sam Cook photo)

“With mild temperatures and predominantly south winds over the last week, duck numbers remained fairly stable. Blue-winged teal and wood duck numbers are beginning to decline some and other species of migrant ducks such as green-winged teal, redheads, gadwall, and wigeon are beginning to increase in numbers and show up in hunter’s bags. Overall, duck numbers are near average for this time of year.

“The outlook for the weekend is excellent with a low pressure system moving into the state that should bring additional migrant ducks into the state. Temperatures are expected to be below normal each of the next three days, with high temperatures in the 40s in northern regions and 50s in southern regions. Low temperatures should be in the 30s. Rain and thunderstorms are expected Friday and Saturday and a few lucky hunters may see the first snowflakes of the fall. Winds are expected to be from the north and fairly strong each day. The long-term forecast is for a return to seasonal temperatures beginning Monday.

“Reminder: Waterfowl season will reopen on Saturday Oct. 5 in the Central zone and remains closed until Oct. 12 in the South Zone.”.