Just-hatched Wood Turtles On The Move Now

Baby wood turtles are being found in Wisconsin’s Brule River State Forest now. (Catherine Khalar photo)

In her weekly report from the Brule River State Forest, Catherine Khalar often includes photos of what’s happening along the storied trout stream. Today, she included photos of baby wood turtles. Wood turtles are a threatened species in Wisconsin. Their numbers have declined partly because they’ve been collected for the pet trade. Lots of young wood turtles get run over by cars as they try to cross a road.

Wood turtles must be 10 to 12 years old before they reproduce, according to Khalar.

Nesting female wood turtles are often killed on roads as they migrate to and from nesting locations. Drivers are asked to watch for wood turtles along the road this time of year.

Baby wood turtle alongside a penny. (Catherine Khalar photo)