Sean Hall’s trail cameras have been busy

A bobcat walks along the edge of a woodland pond. (Sean Hall photo)

Sean Hall of Cloquet passed along another gallery of photos that he has gleaned from his numerous trail cameras placed in the woods near Cloquet. Hall builds his own trail-camera systems using quality point-and-shoot cameras linked to motion sensors.

A hen and chick ruffed grouse walk along the top of a downed tree in the woods near Cloquet. (Sean Hall photo)

A whitetail buck, antlers in velvet, inspects something on the forest floor. (Sean Hall photo)

A young black bear trundles through the woods near Cloquet. (Sean Hall photo)


A pair of gray wolves moves along a trail near Cloquet in this trail-camera image captured by Sean Hall of Cloquet. (Sean Hall photo)

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