Just Another Evening In Duluth

These two fawns stopped by the yard tonight. (Sam Cook photo)

It’s a common scene in Duluth: You look out your window, and there are two or three deer in your yard. A friend said he was driving down his street the other day and a deer was bedded down in the grass, right along the street. Or you’ll be out for a walk, even with the dog, and you’ll pass a deer 10 or 20 feet away. It’ll look at you, then get back to browsing on whatever it was browsing on.

This time of year, especially, the deer seem totally unconcerned about humans. I suspect that will change when the air begins to cool. Or maybe not.

These two fawns, and their mother, stopped by our yard to munch on the sumac plants my wife has planted at the edge of the yard. I had to hustle to get this photo before my wife went on the offensive and shooed the critters out of the yard. As any Duluth resident knows, it’s difficult to keep plants, shrubs, garden vegetables or flowers with the deer around. Sooner or later, the deer are likely to stop by and nip the blossoms or the whole plants.

They’re beautiful, of course. But a nuisance none the less.

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  1. DaveinStCloud

    Saw a large black bear north of Bock, MN. about 3 weeks ago, and 3 black bears (mother and 2 cubs) south of the St. Cloud airport on CR-3 last week.

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