More ‘lottery’ Deer Units In NE Minnesota This Fall

Deer hunters in Northeastern Minnesota will see more “lottery”  deer permit areas than in past years. “Lottery” designation means hunters will have to apply for antlerless deer permits if they wish to hunt antlerless deer in those units. Deadline to apply for antlerless deer permits through the lottery is Sept. 5.

The deer population has decreased as much as 25 percent over the past 10 years in some permit areas across Northeastern Minnesota, said Tom Rusch, DNR area wildlife manager at Tower.

“The recent winters, the past five or six, have been a combination of moderate to tougher winters,” Rusch said. “Right now, we’re at or below goal in some permit areas. When you see ‘lottery’ (permit area designations), that’s reflective of being at or below goal. We’re trying to bump it (the population) up a little bit, so we’re being conservative with our antlerless permits.”

The map above is difficult to read, I know, in the blog format. However, it’s the only map currently available, and the new map is not yet posted on the DNR’s website.