Results from weekend’s R100 archery event near Aurora

A Rinehart R100 3-D archery shoot was held Saturday and Sunday at the East Range Sportsman and Conservation Club near Aurora.

An R100 shoot features 100 different targets, including 67 from Rinehart’s 3-D line and 33 custom targets made especially for the R100. The contests are held from March through August at sites across the country. An R100 will be held July 27-28 at Sparta, Wis. For more information, go to

Competition at an R100 is held in several categories: Open Unlimited, Hunter, Traditional, Youth (11-15) and Cub (10 or under). In each category at Aurora, shooters could compete on an African range or a North American range.

Here are the top shooters in each category, with their scores:

Men’s Open Unlimited, African Range – Scott Starry, 568; Dewey Kostrcewski, 564; John Lien, 561; Brian Hage, 560; Chris Hard, 558.

Men’s Open Unlimited, North American Range —Scott Starry, 580; Dewey Kostrcewski, 565; Bernie Goebel, 564; Chris Hard, 558; John Lien, 558.

Women’s Open Unlimited, African Range —Ronda Goebel, 540; Nicole Welsch, 516; Sierra Goebel, 479; Bethany Grooms, 468; Jessie Kuhlman, 460.

Women’s Open Unlimited, North American Range — Ronda Goebel, 499; Sierra Goebel, 495; Nicole Welsch, 484; Jessie Kuhlman, 477; Bethany Grooms, 471.

Men’s Hunter, African Range — Mitchell Tromberg, 546; Kevin Herzog, 542; Jeff Baker, 529; Richard Nelson, 524; Bob Ruuhela, 524.

Men’s Hunter, North American Range —Mitchell Tromberg, 551; Wolfgang Gradner, 544; Craig Penner, 536; Warren Kampen, 533; Kevin Herzog, 529.

Women’s Hunter, African Range — Emily Nelson, 514; Amber Kampen, 513; Sarah Dobson, 509; Donna Gradner, 501; Holly Thompson, 489.

Women’s Hunter, North American Range — Sarah Dobson, 527; Amber Kampen, 517; Laurie Hanson, 506; Mary Skrbec, 498; Donna Gradner, 491.

Men’s Traditional, African Range — Bill Dressler, 498; Kyle Olson, 492; Curt Grorud, 464; Brent Walchuk, 212.

Men’s Traditional, North American Range — Bill Dressler, 454; Curt Grorud, 433; Kyle Olson, 410; Jimmie Woods, 269.

Women’s Traditional — No scores available.

Youth, African Range — Zack Penner, 550; Zach Helander, 521; Alex Dampier, 502; Jenna Walters, 501; Domonik Cramer, 494.

Youth, North American Range — Alex Dampier, 546; Zack Penner, 533; Brodey Spiekenmeier, 509; Tyler Mattson, 504; Breanna Theodore, 501.

Cub, African Range — Anden Stroik, 493; Neale Leete, 464; Trevor Rohder, 438; Ronald Waters, 436; Jack Spencer, 427.

Cub, North American Range — Neale Leete, 490; Anden Stroik, 472; Thomas Glissman, 441; Ronald Waters, 428; Jack Spencer, 357.





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