Captain’s Platter fishing contest results

I’ve been in the woods for a week, just catching up.

Here’s a report from Todd Carlson with results from the Captain’s Platter fishing contest June 8 on Lake Superior. More than 200 anglers took part in the event, he said.

Many Vessel Safety Checks were performed by the Duluth Sail and Power Squadron.

Here are contest winners listed by division:

Lake trout

1. Jim Fudally 14.11

2. Mike West 13.40

3. Tom Reulle 12.43

King Salmon

1. Jason Norman 11.07

2. Pat Joyal 8.20

3. Mike Duffy 7.84

Coho Salmon

1. Kyle Shuster 2.24

2. Mike Duffy 2.16

3. Adam Norman 2.13


1. Tom Linderholm 8.27

2. Gary Campbell 4.06

3. Tom Brunasky 3.56

Captain’s Platter Champion (combined weight per class)

Tom Linderholm, “Reel Nauti, 23.66 pounds

Lake trout 7.63

King 5.77

Coho 1.99

Walleye 8.27


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