Appeals Court Denies Challenge To Wolf Hunting, Trapping Season

The Minnesota Court of Appeals today denied a challenge brought by two conservation groups concerning the hunting and trapping of wolves in the state. The lawsuit argued that the Department of Natural Resources failed to provide sufficient opportunity for public comment before allowing a wolf hunting and trapping season. But the court decision held that the conservation groups lacked “standing” to sue because they could not demonstrate that the state agency’s actions had caused injury to their interests.

“The hunting and trapping of wolves is highly controversial and opposed by many people as cruel and unnecessary. We’d hoped that the court would require the state agency to follow the law and give the public a real voice in how our state’s wildlife is managed,” Collette Adkins Giese, a Minneapolis-based attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, said in statement. “We’re so disappointed by today’s decision. It allows the Department of Natural Resources to continue to ignore the pleas of thousands of citizens who fiercely oppose wolf hunting and trapping.”


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  1. Jeff Stawarski

    Good news but these anti-hunters will file another lawsuit and waste taxpayer money that could be useful elsewhere. Like 99% of other hunters I do not want to “wipe out wolves” but keep them in check. They are getting to be problem in our area, and I am not talking about killing to many deer.

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