Wisconsin Northern Muskie Zone Opens Saturday

Wisconsin’s northern zone muskie season opens Saturday, and, despite a late start, the fish are likely to be done spawning in most waters and ready to feed, state fisheries experts say.

“I think the muskie will be largely done spawning by the weekend,” says Steve Avelallemant, longtime Department of Natural Resources fisheries supervisor for northern Wisconsin. “It took a while in coming but we went pretty much from winter to summer. The water temps bounced up nicely and it was an accelerated spawn.”

Avelallemant expects the muskie action to be good for anglers because the fish, post-spawn, will be looking to feed and because the water temperature has warmed up and the fish are getting more active.

A 40-inch size limit is in effect statewide and applies to 94 percent of muskie waters in Wisconsin.

Check the Guide to Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations for specific waters or check DNR’s online regulation database.