Waterfowl, Loons Gather On Open Water At Fish Lake

A drake common merganser swims downstream with the current just below the bridge over Fish Lake Wednesday afternoon. Several mergansers, along with a blue-winged teal, a ring-necked duck and a pair of loons had gathered in the small bit of open water. The rest of the lake was still covered in ice. (Sam Cook photo)

On the way back from another assignment, Duluth News Tribune photographer Clint Austin and I stopped at the bridge where the Beaver River enters Fish Lake. We had noticed a lot of ducks there, along with a pair of loons. Once more lakes open up, the birds likely will disperse. We also saw a great blue heron standing on the ice and a bald eagle feeding on some fishy morsel atop the ice.

Here are a couple more photos:

A pair of common loons. (Sam Cook photo)
A group of common mergansers (and one gull) loafs along the edge of the ice where the Beaver River enters Fish Lake north of Duluth. (Sam Cook photo)