Morning At McQuade: Anglers Rise Early For Kamloops Rainbow Trout

Lots of anglers were fishing for Kamloops rainbow trout at the McQuade Small Craft Harbor Wednesday morning. (Sam Cook photo)
Dick Powell sets the hook on a Kamloops rainbow, but the fish got away. (Sam Cook photo)

Several anglers were fishing at McQuade Small Craft Harbor northeast of Duluth this morning. They were fishing for Kamloops rainbow trout. Several anglers could see the trout in the clear water, and other trout were “rolling” on the surface. Fishing was pretty slow. One angler caught a coho salmon shortly after sunrise.


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  1. Mike

    I love that picture of the fly angler with the fish on. I can feel that. Although, this time of year, seeing others hook into fish while my rod seems doomed, I seem cursed, leads me to feel like this:

    “I envy not him that eats better meat than I do; nor him that is richer, or that wears better clothes than I do; I envy him, and him only, that catches more fish than I do.”

    Izaak Walton, 1653

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