Does Your Dog Need A Baseball Cap?

Dogs wearing their caps on a hike near Phoenix. (Sam Cook photo)

I was hiking with friends near Phoenix over the weekend when I saw these two dogs wearing caps. I asked the woman who was walking them if I could take the photo. I just hadn’t seen dogs wearing baseball caps before. The woman told me the caps serve a dual purpose. The first is keeping the sun out of their eyes (sort of, maybe, not really). The second is that there’s a sleeve in the top of the cap where the owner can insert a wet sponge to help cool the dog. I’ll have to take her word on that one.

I once put a pair of boxer shorts on a dog I had in college, and I’ve momentarily clamped a pair of fuzzy reindeer antlers on my current yellow Lab for a Christmas photo. But I hadn’t really thought about a baseball cap.


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  1. The dog hats,are a good thing for dogs in the desert. Another good thought would be the booties worn in northern climates to protect dogs’ feet from extreme cold temperatures; in the desert the extreme hot walking surfaces.

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