DNR Publishes Rainbow Trout Management Summary

A fisheries biologist holds a male steelhead captured at the Knife River trap in 2009. (News Tribune file)

Fisheries officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have published online their 2012 Rainbow Trout Management Summary for the Minnesota waters of Lake Superior and its tributaries.

The report highlights damage to the French and Knife River Fish Traps, creel surveys and fish returns to the French and Knife River traps. Because a 2011 report wasn’t prepared, the 2011 information also is included in the 2012 report.

Some highlights:

* In 2012, 1,241 Kamloops rainbow trout returned to the French River trap, up from 850 in 2011.

* In 2012, a total of 297 unclipped steelhead returned to the Knife River, down from 483 in 2011 and below the long-term average of 379. Totals of clipped steelhead at the Knife River trap were 68 in 2012 and 208 in 2011.

* Catch rates (fish caught per angler/hour) for both steelhead and Kamloops rainbows declined in 2012. Catch rate for unclipped rainbow trout (steelhead) was about .10 (about 10 hours per fish caught), and the catch rate for clipped rainbows 16 inches or longer was .044 (about 22.7 hours per fish caught).

For the complete report, look here.