Images From A 20-below Morning On Lake Superior

Ice- and rime-coated rocks appear in a shroud of condensation rising from Lake Superior at Brighton Beach in Duluth Tuesday morning. (Sam Cook photo)

Living in a place where you have the kind of cold we had this morning — 21 below zero — along with the open water of Lake Superior offers some striking images. I poked along the shore of the lake this morning to see what was happening. On mornings like this, condensation — some call it “sea smoke” — rises over the lake, forming a cloud that can be at least a few hundred feet high.If there’s any wind, it pushes the cloud of “smoke” around.

Down at lake level, with the condensation hovering over the water, you can feel the moisture of the fog. That combination of 15 or 20 below, along with the moisture, is an unusual phenomenon.

I took some photos on the North Shore, then moved to Park Point and checked the perspective looking back at the Duluth hillside. Here are some more photos from my short outing:

Trees along the Lakewalk seem to hover in the condensation over Lake Superior. (Sam Cook photo)
Globules of ice cling to a boulder along the shore of Lake Superior at Brighton Beach. (Sam Cook photo)
The Duluth hillside rises from the mist over Lake Superior Tuesday morning with temperatures near 20 below zero. (Sam Cook photo)
Someone has been out walking on the ridges formed by wind-blown snow and sand on Minnesota Point. (Sam Cook photo)
Dune grasses along Minnesota Point are seen against the mist rising from Lake Superior. (Sam Cook photo)



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  1. Very beautiful, one of the positives of cold weather to be sure. Some pay good money to see ice sculptures and here they are all over the place in nature. All you have to do is get out there.

  2. Joanne

    Enjoyed the beautiful photos…I lived there many years ago and still miss the beauty this area offers each season.

  3. Jan green

    Worked in Duluth for 15 years…sometime ago. Saw these type of scenes now and then. So beautiful. Miss that incredible lake.

  4. Bernard Durand

    I wish I could just drive a few miles to get to the shores of Lake Superior. Unfortunately, I would have to take a plane from Toulouse to Amsterdam or Frankfort, then a plane to Minneapolis and the shuttle to Duluth. Too much trouble. Fortunately, Sam is on the spot and gives us fantastic pictures.

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