How Cold Is ‘cold?’

It’s cold tonight, at least by the standards of recent winters. The temperature is at 2 above, headed for 8 below. Sunday night, the forecast is for 18 below. That’s pretty cold for Duluth, which benefits from the warming influence of Lake Superior at our doorstep.

This is a photo of one of Dave Olesen’s former sled dogs that I took on a 1988 trip with him east of Great Slave Lake. We were caught for three days in a white-out. This is what the dog looked like when we went out to feed the dogs one morning. Snow had drifted around it all night. The dog was fine. (Sam Cook photo)

An Arctic wind is pummeling us tonight from the northwest, gusting to about 40 mph. The wind chill, according to the National Weather Service, is 21 below zero.

Cold is relative. I was reading a blog from my friend Dave Olesen, who lives with his wife and two daughters at the far northeastern end of Great Slave Lake. His latest blog entry, which you can find here, is called “Deep Cold.” If you wonder where our Arctic air is coming from, it is coming from the Olesens’ front yard. When he posted that essay to his blog on Friday, the previous few days’ temperatures had been from 40 to 45 below — Celsius. Forty-five below Celsius is about 50 below Fahrenheit.


So, yes. It’s cold here. But if you read Olesen’s blog, you’ll probably feel better about our little cold snap here.


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  1. That picture brought back a flood of winter trail memories. Oh how I miss my Siberian Huskies we had such good times together that the winters just so quickly slipped by, no matter the weather.

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