Not A Bad Day On Lake Of The Woods

Pete Cich of Alborn holds a walleye he had just pulled through the ice of Lake of the Woods on Wednesday. Cich fishes Lake of the Woods several times each winter for its abundant walleyes. (Sam Cook photo)

Several of us spent a day fishing for walleyes and sauger on Lake of the Woods this week. Fishing hasn’t been quite as good as it was last year, but anglers are still finding fish. We had a decent day. I’ll share all the details in a story coming Sunday on our Outdoors pages. Meanwhile, a couple more photos…

Pete Cich (foreground) of Alborn is poised to help Duluth’s Jack Rendulich land a walleye during a day of fishing Wednesday on Lake of the Woods. (Sam Cook photo)
By the end of the day, we had a decent pickle pail of walleyes and sauger. (Sam Cook photo)