Lynx Comes To Visit At Ely Home

A Canada lynx stares at Ely’s Drew Brockett as he takes the animal’s photograph. (Drew Brockett photo)

Drew Brockett was kind enough to send along these photos of a Canada lynx that spent some time snooping around his home near Ely over the past few days.

“I first saw it on Saturday evening just sitting about 20 feet from my window in my backyard,” Brockett said. “It walked a bit and checked out a deer leg I had on a stump, and it stood on its rear legs and checked it out by leaning on the stump.

“Sunday it was there for quite a bit of time in the afternoon. I noticed it after it had been sitting and chewing on another deer leg. I watched it walk by my woodshed, and then it proceeded to sit in the snow and ‘clean’ its paws. It sat there for 15 minutes. After that episode, it walked behind my woodshed and garage and proceeded to get to my driveway and walk away.

“Monday morning I saw it coming up to my back porch. It walked underneath the bird feeders and by the heated water dish, then walked back into the woods. After it was gone, I went out back and saw that one of my feeders was on the ground and I found some blood and a squirrel tail.”

The lynx pads past Brockett’s woodshed. It’s big feet allow it to more easily pursue snowshoe hares in the snow. (Drew Brockett photo)
This going-away photo offers a glimpse of the lynx’s paw. (Drew Brockett photo)

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