NE Minnesota Deer Harvest Down 10 Percent

Bucks up, does down.

That’s the story of the deer harvest in Northeastern Minnesota’s firearms deer season, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ preliminary harvest data released Tuesday.

The buck harvest was up 5.4 percent from 2011 in Series 100 units, which cover most of Northeastern Minnesota. The antlerless harvest was down 24 percent in the region. Overall, the harvest in Northeastern Minnesota was down 10 percent from last year, and last year’s harvest was down slightly from 2010.

State wildlife officials had predicted the antlerless deer kill would be down significantly because the DNR had issued fewer antlerless deer tags this fall. The agency wanted to reduce the harvest of antlerless deer in order to grow the deer herd in future years.

Statewide this fall, the deer harvest was down 7 percent. The buck harvest was up 8.7 percent, and the antlerless harvest was down 21.4 percent, according to the DNR.



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  1. Christian

    I’d be interested in how the hunter success rates stack up against the last few years. In other words, of the tags issued, what percent were filled this year as compared to year?

    I think that speaks more to what people are seeing than the numbers that are somewhat muddied by the number of permits that are issued.

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