You Are What You Read

You can’t make this stuff up. Following is an excerpt from the weekly conservation officer reports from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources during Minnesota’s firearms deer season, which ended Sunday. First, though, a bit of background. Tom Chapin, a retired DNR conservation officer from Grand Rapids, wrote a book titled “Poacher’s Caught,” which is a collection of stories from his career. OK, here’s the DNR item:

“Conservation officer Dustie Heaton (Willow River) assisted conservation officer Jeff Humphrey on a baiting case in which large piles of carrots were present throughout the property. Enforcement action was taken for hunting in a baited area, illegal party hunting, lending/borrowing deer tags, and transporting illegally taken big game. Three bucks, a rifle, and a motor vehicle were seized as evidence. Heaton retrieved the firearm that was to be seized from a deer stand. Next to the rifle, she noted a book opened and face-down marking a page. The book had a pair of glasses resting on top of it. The title of the book was ‘Poachers Caught.'”

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  1. Hal Rime

    Sam – This story quickly found its way south to Daytona Beach. There are a surprising number of hunters down here who will enjoy reading this item.

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