Beaver, Wood Duck “do Lunch” At Tettegouche

A drake wood duck and a beaver dine together on a pond in Tettegouche State Park in this photo by Paul Sundberg of Grand Marais. Sundberg, a professional photographer, had gone to the park to photograph wildlife and happened on to this chance encounter between the wood duck and the beaver. (Paul Sundberg photo)

Paul Sundberg of Grand Marais was kind enough to share the photo above with us. It was one of several remarkable photos he made at a small pond in Tettegouche State Park recently.

Look for more, and Sundberg’s account of the day, at his website here.

“This is the time of year that beaver are busy storing up their winter food supply,” Sundberg wrote. “We spent about three hours watching and photographing 6 beaver, 3 muskrats and one wood duck. The sights and sounds were amazing. It is surprising how much noise young beaver make when they communicate with mom and dad. It sounded like a basket full of puppies.”

Of the photo above, he wrote: “Soon (the wood duck) is side by side with the beaver having lunch. At this point I am thinking the wood duck is saying something like, “Well, it has been nice having lunch with you but I think I need to head South.” Soon, the wood duck takes to the air and hopefully will catch up to his friends who I am sure are many miles ahead of him.”