Rooster Pushes The Limits With Wrenshall Woman

A rooster pheasant walks across the back of Deb Koslowski’s pickup. Photo by Deb Koslowski.

Deb Koslowski of Wrenshall sent along the photo above of a rooster pheasant that has been hanging around her rural Wrenshall home for the past several days. In the photo, the gaudy bird is prancing across the cover of Koslowski’s pickup. The bird flies out of some trees where it roosts at night to greet Koslowski when she comes out of her house.

But Koslowski called in a follow-up report Thursday morning saying the rooster has crossed the line.

“We had an incident today (Wednesday),” Koslowski said. “He attacked me from behind. He’s going to be a dead bird. I hate to kill the bird, but I’ve had enough.”

It’s hard to explain that kind of behavior, although over the years, I’ve heard of several other birds, mostly ruffed grouse, that seem to become enamored of people. This is the first pheasant I’ve heard of to exhibit similar behavior. The grouse have followed people around, followed lawn mowers across a yard, followed cars out of driveways. Some of these birds have met their demise through encounters with vehicles.

Koslowski lives not far from Clear Creek Kennels, which raises pheasants for its game farm operation. Perhaps that’s where the pheasant came from.