Minnesota Moose Hunt Harvest Hits 37

A total of 37 moose have been taken as of Tuesday in Northeastern Minnesota’s annual moose hunt, said Dave Pauly, Northeastern Minnesota moose health specialist at Tower for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The hunt began Sept. 29 and concludes on Sunday. A total of 87 parties are taking part in the bulls-only hunt.


2 Responses

  1. How sad that people would continue to sport hunt a doomed, vanishing species. I was out in the Arrowhead woods 40 hours a week this summer and saw one moose and signs of 2 others.

  2. Jim

    While it’s sad what is happening to the moose, don’t fault the hunters. Despite what the media makes it sound like, there are still areas in Minnesota with a lot of moose. I had a successful BWCA hunt last fall, and in 5 days we saw 17 moose including 6 seperate bulls. My dad got drawn this year for the same zone and he took a dandy on his 5th day of hunting after passing on a smaller bull the day before. Everyplace we scouted was absolutely thick with moose sign. I do not feel bad for taking these animals, especially with the information the DNR is gathering from them. If the moose population continues on it’s downward spiral, they will eventually have to end the season, but right now the limited hunt is having zero effect on the future of moose in this state.

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