Dogs Not Permitted In Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Until At Least Dec. 20

A Dane County, Wisconsin, circuit court judge has scheduled Dec. 20 as the day he will hold a hearing on the Department of Natural Resources’ request to lift the injunction on the training and use of dogs to pursue wolves, the DNR announced Thursday. As the result of this schedule, the DNR is alerting permitted wolf hunters that the season will proceed, but the use of dogs to pursue wolves will not be allowed to start on Nov. 26, the date previously authorized by statute.

The temporary injunction was put into place this August while the judge considers the case brought against the DNR by humane society groups opposing the use of dogs in the wolf hunt. The injunction temporarily prevents or enjoins the use of dogs for hunting wolves, and also the use of dogs to train to hunt wolves. As a result of this ruling, hunters and trappers are advised that the use of dogs for tracking and trailing of wolves is not authorized when hunting wolves under a wolf harvesting license. Also, the use of dogs for training to track or trail free ranging wolves is not authorized at this time.

Wisconsin’s wolf hunt will begin Oct. 15.