Stalking The Season: Capturing The Moods Of Fall

Mountain ash berries are a favorite food source for birds this time of year. A robin dines on berries at Duluth’s Hartley Park this morning. Cedar waxwings also were feeding in the same tree. (Sam Cook photo)

Everyone’s talking about it: This has been a gorgeous fall. Maples may have already peaked, but lots of color is hanging on. I’ve been trying to get out every day, often with a camera, to see what I can see.

On Sunday, Duluth News Tribune chief photographer Bob King and I hiked on the Superior Hiking Trail from Cook County Highway 6 to Sawmill Dome near Finland. The dramatic relief provided great views of the valley below. (For directions, go to

Duluth naturalist Sparky Stensaas posted a blog item today with some good tips for shooting fall colors. Look here.

This morning, I took a walk through Duluth’s Hartley Park just at sunrise. Here are some photos from those outings.

Mist hangs over Hartley Pond early this morning. (Sam Cook photo)
From Sawmill Dome on the Superior Hiking Trail near Finland, the fall colors seemed be be near their peak on Sunday. (Sam Cook photo)
A dew drop clings to a willow leaf early this morning near Hartley Pond in Duluth.
(Sam Cook photo)
News Tribune photographer Bob King pauses to take in the colors along the Superior Hiking Trail near Finland on Sunday. (Sam Cook photo)
This suspended rock forms a cave-like area along a spur of the Superior Hiking Trail on the way to Sawmill Dome. It’s called “Picnic Rock,” according to the Superior Hiking Trail Association. (Sam Cook photo)

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  1. We were in the same area on Sunday, Sept. 30th. It was breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the photos. Did you happen to see the moon rise on this day? It, was tremendous, too!

  2. Great article, Sam! Color was absolutely spectacular this year. Spent last Friday and Sunday on the North Shore photographing, and Saturday up the Echo Trail. Best I’ve seen in years!

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