Sean Hall: His Trail Cameras Are Always On The Job

A bald eagle stands atop a deer carcass in this trail-camera image captured by Sean Hall of Cloquet this winter. (Sean Hall photo)

Trail-camera pro Sean Hall of Cloquet has sent along a batch of photos his cameras have made during this winter. Hall typically has several cameras out, and he’s able to capture animals in all kinds of situations. Hall rigs his own trail cameras by coupling remote sensing devices to point-and-shoot cameras.

I’ll post more below. In these shots, the eagle, pine marten, fisher, snowshoe hare and ermine were all made with 6-megapixel cameras. The badger and coyote were caught on 10-megapixel cameras.

We think Sean for sharing his photos with us.

An inquisitive badger sniffs the night air. Hall says there are a fair number of badgers northwest of Cloquet. (Sean Hall photo)
Can you find the ermine in this photo? (Sean Hall photo)
A coyote stops to inspect something in the woods. Hall made this photo using a trail camera that triggered the remote flash unit (upper left) as it took the photo. (Sean Hall photo)


A snowshoe hair in the spotlight. (Sean Hall photo)
A pine marten stops to inspect a scentpost placed by Sean Hall. (Sean Hall photo)
A fisher pauses to sniff scent left on a branch. (Sean Hall photo)





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  1. Emily McNeill

    Thank you for posting your wonderful pictures! I love seeing the animals when they don’t know we are looking!

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