Challenging Day Of Lake Trout Fishing On Gunflint Trail

Glenn Merrick plays a lake trout on Monday while fishing on a lake off the Gunflint Trail north of Grand Marais. (Sam Cook photo)

Glenn Merrick of Gary New Duluth and I spent Monday on an extended day trip up the Gunflint Trail beyond Grand Marais to do some lake trout fishing. Glenn does a trip like this nearly every year in March. This time, we were headed for a lake he had fished before. Trouble was, new growth of the forest has all but obliterated any sign of the final portage into this lake.

Below, take a look at Glenn as he and I tried bushwhacking through knee- to thigh-deep snow through the dense conifers trying to find our destination lake.

There must be a lake out here somewhere: Glenn Merrick bushwhacks through the woods trying to find a lake trout lake off the Gunflint Trail on Monday. (Sam Cook photo)

We never found that lake, so we decided to try another one in the neighborhood. It was a good day’s workout in beautiful country. We snowshoed or walked — including an hour or so of bushwhacking — about 4 1/2 hours. We fished our Plan B lake for about three hours. Glenn caught the only lake trout of the day.

Read more about our trip in Sunday’s Duluth News Tribune.

This laker took a little green Northland Slurpee lure. Merrick says the brownish tint of the laker is typical for lakes in this area. (Sam Cook photo)
Merrick fished as cloud cover moved across a blue sky from the southwest on Monday. (Sam Cook photo)
Glenn Merrick heads for the road after a day in the woods along the Gunflint Trail. (Sam Cook photo)