Superior Man Finds Nice Pair Of Shed Antlers

Ken Zurian of Superior found this matched pair of shed antlers on Jan. 8 near his home in Superior. (Ken Zurian photo)

Ken Zurian was just taking a “casual walk in the woods” near his home in Superior on Sunday when he found the 10-point set of shed antlers shown above. He has been hunting shed antlers since he found his first one in Bayfield County in 1997.

“I’ve gotten kind of hooked on it,” said Zurian, 56, who works for the Douglas County Department of Health and Human Services.

He found both sides of a set of sheds in 2008 that would have been a 16-point buck except that three tines had broken off. The set he found Sunday is larger than those from 2008, Zurian said.

He and his wife were walking home from the YMCA on Sunday, when Zurian decided to take a shortcut through the woods.

“Lo and behold, I came across a trail,” he said. “I saw a piece of black plastic. I turned, and one (antler) was lying there. Ten yards away was the other one.”

Zurian then did something few other shed hunters would likely do. He covered the antlers with grass and went home to get a camera. He and his wife and son returned to the site and took some photos.

Zurian admits that shed hunters can get a little carried away in their passion for hunting.

“If a guy’s going to get hooked on something,” he said, “it might as well be shed antlers.”

Shed hunting has been easy this year because so little snow is on the ground.